CoronaVirus (CoVid-19) Crisis and Bankruptcy – What You Need to Know

To say the CoronaVirus (CoVid-19) Pandemic has changed everything is an understatement. It is estimated that 1/3 of businesses and rental unit tenants did not pay their rent on time in March or April. That number is expected to climb as the lockdown of our businesses and people continues amid the CoVid-19 risks of infection and serious illness, in some cases death. Luckily, in Ventura County, we’ve not had the level of carnage that Americans in New York City are having. Still, our county next door, Los Angeles County is not exactly having the same stellar results that we are enjoying in Ventura County.

With financial worries mounting, and everything changing week by week, you may be wondering how all this will affect you if you file for bankruptcy or are already in the process of your bankruptcy. There are law firms out there to help. They are carefully following all the changes as they appear, and they are here to help you through the bankruptcy process during these incredibly challenging times. Discuss some of the changes you’ll be dealing with and answer some of your most important questions.

Are the Bankruptcy Courts Still Open?

Yes, However, most court hearings will be done over the phone, not in person. Everything you say will be recorded and entered into the official record as if you were in person. If you fail to make yourself available at the prescribed time, it can and most likely will be entered into the record as a ‘no show’ and that’s a big no-no with the court.

Can I Still File for Bankruptcy During the Corona Virus Shutdown?

Yes, the courts are still allowing bankruptcy cases and motions to be filed during the CoronaVirus crisis. The only real difference is bankruptcy and court appearances will be observing these new CoronaVirus pandemic protocols.

Will My 341 Bankruptcy Meeting be Postponed

All pending 341(a) meetings of creditors (initially scheduled for March 25, 2020, through April 10, 2020) have been continued to a later date, most to be determined. This order will probably be extended. Everything remains fluid right now.

In a Chapter 13 case, the continuance of the creditor meetings does not relieve debtors of their obligation to commence making plan payments to the Trustee not later than 30 days after the date the petition was filed. Debtors may make these payments electronically on TFS (dot) com.

Can I Keep the Economic Relief Payments I Receive During the Covid-19 Economic Crisis?

The bankruptcy trustee will not be seeking the turnover of any economic relief payments related to the coronavirus economic crisis. That money you may use for your most immediate financial needs.

Do I Still Need to Make My Mortgage Payments During the Corona Virus Shutdown?

Yes. You will still need to continue to make payments as promised. Under certain circumstances a law firm may be able to get some relief from the court.

If you haven’t filed yet, a law firm may be able to get some relief from your creditor as per the new laws passed by Congress. Of course, your bank holding your mortgage must be notified of your financial challenges or job loss prior to you missing payments.

Will My Bankruptcy Discharge Be Delayed Due to the Corona Virus Crisis?

Your final bankruptcy discharge may be put off if your 341 meeting is rescheduled or continued until further notice. Stay informed with updates from your court or trustee. Updated information may also be sent to you by mail, even after your meeting has taken place. It’s important that you follow all the requirements communicated to you, there are no excuses for missing hearings, or court dates.

Will My Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Be Affected by These Changes Due to Covid-19?

Not unless your bankruptcy case has been dismissed. Otherwise, the automatic stay will remain in effect unless certain exceptions are met, such as your creditor requests relief from stay. Debtors who file multiple bankruptcy cases in a short amount of time may be denied an automatic stay as well and you won’t be allowed to use the CoronaVirus as an excuse.

Should I Contact My Creditors During this Corona Virus Crisis?

The court will provide notice to creditors in accordance with the law, so you don’t need to contact your creditors.

Need Help with Your Bankruptcy During the CoronaVirus Pandemic?

Law firms are there to help you during this challenging crisis. A bankruptcy filing may seem overwhelming and complicated especially with all the changes afoot and the uncertainty, but they can assist you in navigating your way to help you complete your bankruptcy. Let them know how they can help you.

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What to Expect at a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Meeting With Your Creditors

Most folks who end up filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy really have no clue as to what to expect. If this is your first-time filing bankruptcy or you are seriously considering it as your only way out, your only way forward, then you’d be wise to read this article and learn about the process.

One requirement that many first-time Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers don’t realize is that a meeting with your creditors (a 341 hearing) is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if you are a business filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or an individual you must be present at the creditors’ hearing. First, your true and correct identity must be given to ensure all the records and creditor claims are in sync. Your bankruptcy trustee will then proceed and have questions for you. Your answers will be under oath and will become permanent in the court records.

Next, your creditors may ask you questions, verifying the circumstances, dates, amounts, and the debt amounts owed. They may also ask questions about your current income, net worth, financial affairs, and other assets. They can also ask about the information you’ve submitted in your bankruptcy papers if they so choose.

Will My Creditors Actually Come to The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 341 Hearing?

Surprisingly enough, most creditors do not show up at the 341 hearings. Occasionally, they will show up and they have the right to ask you certain questions pertaining to the accuracy of your bankruptcy filing. They also have the right to ask about your financial affairs. One typical question creditors will ask is the location of assets. It is their right to make sure you aren’t trying to get out of paying a legitimate debt owed by filing false or less-than-accurate information.

The court appointed bankruptcy trustee in charge of your case will investigate to be sure the information provided in the filing is true and correct. Since it is assumed that the bankruptcy trustee will do a thorough job, many creditors don’t even bother to show up. Still, don’t be too surprised if they do, as they have the right to be there.

Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer to Represent Me for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy on your own without legal advice isn’t such a great idea. Most who do, later wish they hadn’t. Although you do not need a bankruptcy attorney to represent you at the 341 Chapter 7 bankruptcy hearing, they may attend. You won’t be penalized or given preferential treatment if they are there with you, but in case the trustee or creditors ask questions outside the bounds of allowable inquiry a bankruptcy lawyer by your side is nice to have.

What Should I Bring to My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting?

You must bring yourself and be present. You will also need to bring two forms of identification. Your driver’s license can be one. And you need to bring a second such as a passport, social security card, or military ID. The court must verify that it is you in the flesh and that everything is true and correct. Since fraudulent bankruptcy filings have occurred, your ID is proving it is you and that the filing is legitimate. If you don’t bring two IDs, and if at least one isn’t a photo ID, your 341 bankruptcy hearing could be postponed until another date, or the trustee might choose to proceed and require you bring in the two appropriate forms of ID by a certain date.

How Long Does a Ch. 7 (341 Bankruptcy Hearing) Meeting of Creditors Take?

It won’t take very long and don’t be surprised if there are many other folks also there for a 341 hearing at the same time unless you live in a very small county. Expect to be there about an hour, as each case is brought forward one-by-one. Your actual time of participation will most likely not exceed 10-20 minutes even if there is a creditor or two there who wish to ask questions of you.

Will There Be a Judge at the 341 Bankruptcy Hearing – Meeting of Creditors?

No, there will not be a judge there. Rather, the court appointed bankruptcy trustee will conduct the hearing. Most individuals filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy never see a judge unless they have substantial assets, many creditors and other complex circumstances.

How Will I Be Notified About The 341 Meeting of Creditors Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Hearing?

The court will send out notifications to your listed creditors, and you at the same time. These notices will include the location and date. The notices will also include the case number and bankruptcy filing date, as well as name and contact information for the assigned trustee.

When Will My ‘Meeting of Creditors’ 341 Hearing Take Place?

Generally, the 341 hearing will happen 3-5 weeks after you first file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Certain times of the year things can get busy, so it is possible it could take longer. However, the court wants to move these bankruptcies forward as quickly and diligently as possible. If there are delays, usually it is due to problems with the filing itself, or delays caused by the filer. This is what the 341 bankruptcy hearing notification will look like.

341 hearings are sometimes delayed due to illness, military duty or incarceration. There are other reasons that the trustee may delay the hearing or require a continuance, for instance, lack of personal identification at the hearing or request for more information or answers to questions. If the trustee suspects fraud, the trustee may want to investigate more and put off the hearing to another date.

What Information Must I Send to the Bankruptcy Trustee Prior to the Hearing?

The bankruptcy trustee will need you to send back requested information such as 2-years of tax returns, 60-days of bank statements, 60-days of pay stubs and fill out the 521 Bankruptcy Document form. You will be required to also provide documentation of investment accounts, pension, retirement accounts, and current vehicle loan and mortgage payments. You will also need proof of vehicle value and real property appraisal. If you’ve recently had a divorce or settlement you’ll need to provide that also.

There may be other items requested by the bankruptcy trustee. If you feel anything else requested is above and beyond the scope of the bankruptcy, you’ll need a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney to give you wise legal advice. Hopefully, you’ve contacted one who knows your full situation prior to your bankruptcy filing.

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The Best Ways to Maintain Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler

Industrial evaporative air cooler is used for various purposes, from maintaining the temperature in pool area, factories, warehouses and also huge outdoor areas. This cooling appliance is also more energy efficient, not to mention the installation cost is pretty affordable. As a result, many industries choose evaporative air cooler as their preferred option of industrial cooler.

Industrial evaporative cooler is very easy to maintain. However, you will still have to maintain it regularly. To make sure the evaporative cooler will always work well, here are some regular maintenance actions that you need to perform.

Make Sure to Choose the Correct Size

When it comes to industrial air cooler, whether you choose evaporative cooler or the other types of cooling appliances, it is important to pay attention to the size of space which temperature needs to be regulated. If you want to get the best result out of the industrial evaporative cooler, then you need to make sure the capacity of the cooler matches the size of the space that you want to cool down.

You need to check the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of the cooling appliance first. If the CFM count is too small, the evaporative cooler will have to work much harder to lower the temperature in the huge area. As a result, it will not only use too much energy, the lifetime of the evaporative air cooler also can be shortened.

Preparation for summer

Industrial swamp cooler will definitely be used during the summer. To make sure it will work properly, there are some preparations you need to do to welcome the summer. Firstly, you have to clean all the panels and also the water pan. It is very important to make sure the machine can evaporate clean air. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the condition of the pad. If it is already worn, immediately change it because worn pad will make the cooling down process of the air ineffective.

Check the Water Tank Regularly

Evaporative air cooler greatly depends on water to lower the temperature. So, if the machine doesn’t have enough water or there is something wrong with the water you put inside the tank, then the air the cooler evaporates will not be in the best quality.

Industrial evaporative air cooler works really hard to keep the whole area cool. As a result, the water will be drained pretty fast. You have to check the cooler regularly to make sure that the water tank always has enough water. Otherwise, not only the air will be very dry, the machine also can be broken. To make sure the cooler always have enough water, you can choose an evaporative cooler with water feed.

However, even though you have a evaporative cooler with water feed, it is still important to regularly check the water tank. You cannot let contaminated water enters the water tank because it will affect the quality of air you breathe.

Regularly Change the Cooler Pads

Changing the cooler pads should not only be done as a preparation for the summer. As a matter of fact, you need to do it regularly. The cooler pads are the one responsible in cooling down the warm aid and also give some moist into it. Furthermore, changing the pad regularly also will prevent the cooler from rusting.

How often you need to replace the cooler pads will depend on the types of materials of the pads. If you need something durable, then cellulose pad is the answer. But it is pretty expensive so it is not the best option if you want more affordable pads. Besides the natural life span of the pads, you also need to pay attention to signs that show that the cooler pads must be immediately changed. If you feel that the air flow of the machine is reduced and the air is not as cool as usual, it is possible that the pad is filled with dust and other particles and it must be changed.

Disinfect the Cooler Regularly

Don’t forget to disinfect the swamp cooler regularly. if you smell odors in the air, it is a sign that the water tank has bacteria or mold. To make sure the cooler works well, you have to disinfect the water tank with bleach. You should disinfect the evaporative cooler at least once every three months. But if the quality of the water is bad, it is okay to do it more often.

Preparation for Winter

When the winter comes and the industrial evaporative cooler is no longer needed for several months, you have to winterize the industrial cooler. You have to clean the cooler so that the buildup mineral deposits will not hardened when the cooler is not used. Furthermore, if the swamp cooler still has some extra water inside, you have to drain it completely so that it will not freeze.

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Weight Watchers: Interesting Programs for Diet and Health

For many people body weight is such a sensitive topic. Sure, it is particularly for them who think they are fat. Undeniably, ideal body just like that owned by the models is just expected by almost all people especially women. Many efforts are done anyway including by following a certain diet program. It is good since diet program is not only about shaping your body but also how to maintain your health also. One of the products that offers diet program is Weight Watchers. It claims to be successful in helping many women to get their ideal body. Do you want to know about this product more? Here it is.


Weight Watchers is indeed more well-known recently due to the availability of online diet program. Actually, this product is not new. It has been established since 1963 which means it was produced firstly more than 50 years ago. The founder was Jean Nidetch and the offices are centered in New York City. Different from other programs that are focused on offering products, Weight Watchers helps the customers more in term of managing their lifestyle by providing supporting stuff in the form of online website, apps, books, and even meeting. Not only for women, is Weight Watchers also for the male. Sure, you should take the class that is suitable with your current conditions. If you are still not familiar with this program, just turn on your TV and it is the one endorsed by the beauty, Jessica Simpson.


Based on the facts that ideal body sometimes looks like the main goal of life, Weight Watchers was established. Indeed, it is sometimes so scary to see the efforts of people for losing their weight. There are even cases of death for extreme diets or exercises. More than that, wrong diets patterns can just make someone suffer from disorders like Anorexia or bulimia. That’s why, the education regarding diet program is very important. This was something already realized by Jean Nidetch and then he was motivated to conduct a diet program, Weight Watcher. The program was started by gathering a group of women, educate them about good eating habit as well as nutrition matter, and let them manage their diet by monitoring their weight weekly.

The programs offered by Weight Watchers are added time to time. In general, the dieters must be able to select, choose, and control their own eating habit. It is by letting them certain activities including encouragement. Interestingly, the programs by Weight Watcher are not torturing at all. the meals suggested are still delicious and tasty. Aside from that, the foods consumed are not only functioned to lose the weight but keep the dieters feel satisfied.

Different from 50 years ago when this program is still difficult to acknowledge by customers, people may find it easier nowadays. Thanks for the internet technology that makes sharing all about Weight Watchers is getting simpler. You can go to the Weight Watcher Online and be one of the subscribers. The schedule is really easy to set up so that it will not interfere your daily activity. Another good thing about joining this program is that your identity is 100% guaranteed as this provides the privacy and anonymity. To ease you more, here is also an app provided by Weight Watcher to be downloaded to your Smartphone. The app is very easy to use and set up. If you want your diet program with Weight Watchers works more optimally, you can buy the books as well.

As long as you follow the guidance and instructions devotedly, the ideal body will no longer be a dream. It needs time for sure. Fascinatingly, it is not as long as you think although the result may be different individually.

Pros and Cons

Even for the most perfect product in the world must generate the pros and cons. So, for the Weight Watchers what are the pros and cons anyway?

· Pros

Here is the most important about joining a diet program. First of all, Weight Watchers provides the privacy and anonymity. It means that nobody knows about your presence in the class. Second, it is very convenient in term of anything starting from how to join it to how to follow the programs. You must not worry since the suggested meals are easy to find around you. Meanwhile, it allows you not to eat something that you really don’t like it. There must be alternatives in term of eating. Third, there are numerous tools to be chosen for your attendance. As it has been mentioned above, there are the websites, apps, and more. Fourth, Weight Watcher is available for men and women. Of course, the programs are different not only based on your gender but also your health conditions.

The fifth benefit is that Weight Watchers has an access in the fitness resources. Your diet will work more optimally if you balance it with some exercises for sure. The sixth is about the recipe. Diet seems more interesting when the foods consumed are definitely delicious without lessening its good taste. With the recipes from library, Weight Watchers makes it work. Seventh, the teaching method implemented is interesting using the moderation and balance approach. You will enjoy it anyway. Eighth, the programs offered are really safe and healthy even if you may need to join it for a long time. Then the last one is that the program is trusted as the number 1 in the Best Commercial Diets category in US. So, what’s more that you need?

· Cons

Despite all the pros offered, there are indeed still some cons you may find. First, since the meeting is happened through the apps and online system, there is no tight relationship between the counselor and customers. Somehow, it is not really comfortable for some people. Second, for people who are not diligent to open the Weight Watchers stuff, it may take a longer time to see the results.


In general, Weight Watchers diet program is highly recommended. It is safe, healthy, and of course effective not only for having ideal body but also for your health in general. More than anything, anyone can join it whether you are male, female, young or old.

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Being on Top of the Industry with Grandstream Phones

Grandstream phones come as the answer to the industry that needs advanced communication solutions. If you are looking for advanced IP telephony solutions. The system of the Grandstream can tackle all issues in the business world.

Other than that, it helps you to accelerate the goals of business communication. You will find its forte on providing excellent features and sound quality. Users agree to consider Grandstream phones as the next VOIP phone generation.

This phone consists of several types such as cordless IP phones, small business IP phones, and enterprise IP phones.

Cordless IP Phones

These phones are suitable for businesses with a mobilized network environment. You can count on this phone because the reliability is on its top performance. Some models are available to check and you can find the one that suits your business the most.

Enterprise IPS Phones

Different color screens are available for this option. Generally, this phone will increase the productivity and efficiency of your business in the first place. Its features allow your business to get the best telephony solutions.

Small Business IP Phones

Meanwhile, if your business uses the telephone not as often as the enterprise level then you can use the small business IP phones instead. You can even use it for home use as well. If you are just running the business and want to power it up, this telephony solution will reach your goal.

Why Using Grandstream IP Phones?

This phone is the leader in the IP telephony solutions. If you need a solution to manage any conference matter, the Grandstream IP phone is the one you are looking for. As we have mentioned earlier, the phones are available for various types of businesses.

The ability has been proven internationally and approved by many leading companies. This is why you should take a look at this IP phone type and try it immediately.

Also, your service needs excellent customer service. On the other hand, incorporating this IP phone will do you a huge favor. In case you need extra services, you can purchase the additional options offered by Grandstream Phones for a better communication choice.

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Fashion Jobs and Fashion Career Advice

Picking one out of many fashion jobs generally is an overwhelming challenge. There are several different opportunities in the fashion industry that you might not be sure which one is best for you. With the high demand for fashion jobs, you need to be sure of what it is that you want to do so you can get started on pursuing your dream in this competitive industry. Below you will find descriptions for several fashion jobs and, subsequently, be one step closer to establishing your career in the fashion industry.

1. Fashion Designer

Thanks to shows like Project Runway, there are many people whose curiosity has been rose towards the fashion industry, exclusively, fashion design. A career as a fashion designer seems extravagant and rewarding but it takes a whole lot of work. A fashion designer must be well-informed of the latest trends (and sometimes even be ahead of them) and have the creativity to conceptualize new designs. A fashion designer creates sketches, whether by hand or with computer-aided design (CAD) software, of their designs and must be familiar with fabrics and materials in order to create samples that show what the final product would look like. As a fashion designer you can specialize in clothing design, footwear or accessories. Fashion jobs like that of a fashion designer are prolonged with grueling hours of intensive work and lots of traveling if you want to promote your designs. Fashion designers work under pressure to meet deadlines and make an impression on fashion buyers and other potential clients. As a fashion designer you would need not only talent and creativity but also thick skin and dedication.

2. Fashion Merchandising

Fashion jobs in merchandising can be very challenging. A fashion merchandiser must know what consumers really want, how to present it to them, what they want to pay for it and how to lure them to purchase. A fashion merchandiser is not just an expert in fashion but must also have strong business, financial and advertising skills. As a fashion designer you might find yourself creating budgets, tracking profits and losses, tracking inventory, developing marketing strategies and even putting together creative visual displays to draw in consumers. It’s a career that entails many different roles but also has many opportunities to grow and advance in.

3. Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers are among the most crucial people for brands and companies. They must have good communication skills, be aggressive, organized and driven. As a fashion buyer you work hand in hand with designers, merchandisers and other key people to select what pieces to present to consumers and ensure that best-sellers are continually available. Buyers must be mindful of both current and future trends so they can make the right choices of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. to ensure high profits. Working with suppliers to negotiate prices suggests that a fashion buyer must have good interpersonal skills, be educated in market costs and also in consumer demands. Fashion buyers must be ready to work under pressure, travel and research and analyze in order to make practical decisions on what products to offer their target customer base.

4. Fashion Director

Fashion directors, also known as creative directors or fashion coordinators, are in charge of the image and look of a store, magazine or a fashion house. They are accountable for that first impression given when people look at ad campaigns, shoots and even fashion films. A fashion director must make sure that the models, photographers, location and concepts characterize the store, brand, or magazine in the best and most genuine way. One of the most well known creative directors in the industry is Grace Coddington who, alongside Anna Wintour and other industry professionals, are a part of American Vogue. In the documentary “The September Issue” we are able to see Coddington showing us her best work and the steps she takes to produce the magnificent spreads in Vogue. Now, don’t think it will be a snap landing one of these fashion jobs. Be prepared for long hours of work, creative stumps, frequent traveling, crazy deadlines, and being willing to go back to the drawing board time and time again. Remember, as a fashion director you are responsible for the image of a brand; you produce something that the whole world will see. People will base their opinions on what you present to them. As one of the top fashion jobs in the industry, the pressure is on!

Fashion Jobs – The List Goes On

5. Fashion Forecaster

Probably one of the highest ranking careers in the fashion industry, fashion forecasters do just that, forecast the future trends and styles. This is much more sophisticated than forecasting the weather. Not only does a fashion forecaster need to have in depth knowledge of fashion but he or she must also be creative and surely have the skills necessary to research and analyze potential trends, colors, fabrics and patterns. Fashion forecasters seek inspiration in everything from movies, music, even science and technology. Getting a position as a fashion forecaster is one of the most prestigious of all fashion jobs you could aspire to.

6. Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist has the easy (or is it?) task of making someone look good. A stylist must be familiar with what colors, fabrics and styles work best to flatter someone’s shape while also knowing ways to accessorize and finish the perfect outfit. Fashion stylists are responsible for picking the best pieces for photoshoots, events, etc. and putting them together for the final product. A stylist’s reputation lies on how good the client looks and, in the case of ad campaigns, whether or not the stylist can communicate the image and vision of a product. Don’t be surprised if, as a fashion stylist, you find yourself traveling for motivation or shopping for clothing, or even spending a day (or a few) revamping a client’s closet. Finding fashion jobs for stylists can be as uncomplicated as working as a personal shopper or styling photo shoots for websites or local magazines or newspapers.

7. Fashion Photographer

It’s not just about knowing just how to take a good picture. Fashion photographers basically have two fields to be good at: fashion and photography. The photography part consists of knowing what angles, lighting, etc. As far as the fashion, photographers really need to be experts in that as well. A fashion photographer should always know what the best trends are, top designers, top fashion events and any other heavy hitter aspects of the industry. Fashion jobs in this field can consist of taking pictures for model portfolios, ad campaigns, and fashion shows. Fashion photographers are responsible for producing a shot that requires excellent technical skills and extensive fashion knowledge. For example, when a fashion photographer goes to shoot at a fashion show he or she must know exactly when to snap the shot of that model wearing the flowing dress. The picture must showcase how the fabric moves and flows instead of displaying a dress that falls limp and drags on the floor. A fashion photographer works hand in hand with stylists, makeup artists and models to ensure that the final product is efficient in sending a visual message.

8. Fashion Editor

Fashion editors supervise the direction of a fashion publication, website and other media. They are in charge for editing a fashion writer’s work, making suggestions, and researching the possibilities of future stories. Fashion writers must be aware of trends and classics to assure that coverage is provided for the target audience. A fashion editor works under the pressure of meeting deadlines, supervising writers, discovering features and fresh ideas all while staying current on the industry and scanning the levels of competition. Some of the qualities necessary for one of these fashion jobs are being organized, punctual, able to communicate verbally and have impeccable writing and journalistic skills. Being one of the most competitive fashion jobs in the industry, a fashion editor should be ready to put some hard work in and spend long nights brewing up excellent, creative content.

9. Fashion Writer

Being a fashion writer is not as easy as picking up a pen and paper (or laptop, tablet, etc.) but includes extensive amounts of research. Fashion writers must be current on their knowledge of fashion and creative when drumming up writing ideas. Of course, outstanding writing skills are a must and meeting deadlines are also fundamental in this career. Fashion writers can execute interviews, cover fashion events and supply reviews of products. You have a choice of working as a freelance writer, with television shows, websites, blogs, smaller publications like local magazines and newspapers or with major publications such as Vogue or Elle, among others. This is one of those fashion jobs where you can find many opportunities and can be fairly simple to get started.

10. Fashion PR (Fashion Public Relations)

Creating a good consumer opinion is of the utmost importance for this fashion job. Where advertising and marketing can create a consumer desire to purchase a certain fashion item, public relations handles the image in its relation to the public eye. Public opinion can gauge the success and longevity of a company. Out of all the fashion jobs mentioned, fashion pr is the piece that ties it all together.

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Where to Find Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

We all love family dinner but not everyone would like to do the dishes. The worst about doing the dishes is dealing with those leftover food waste. Not only it is gross but also not easy to handle. You need to wipe away the waste from the plates and dishes and collect them in waste bin. When you’re not doing it right, the waste can be accumulated and clog the sink drain and believe me, that’s going to be much bigger problem. This kind of torture will no longer be a problem when we have a garbage disposal unit installed in our kitchen.

Garbage disposal can help make our life much better. With this device installed under the sink, it will process the food waste disposes through the sink and grind it to be small enough to dispose through sewage line. Cleaning the dishes and the kitchen will be much easier and much efficient. Of course, all these conveniences come with a price but you can think it as a good investment to make. Talking about investment, you need to be sure that you make a good one and that means you better find the best garbage disposal for your kitchen. Here at you can find unbiased, updated, and very useful garbage disposal buying guide.

Thanks to the team of this portal. They have been collecting information about various garbage disposal products on the market and review those products based on selected criteria to provide us a comprehensive buying guide. The product reviews cover wide variety of models with price range from under $100 to above $200 per unit. Top Choices features garbage disposal models with highest rating while you can also choose best models based on selected categories to help you find the right one for your kitchen and suitable with your gadget.

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What It Means to Be a Modern Online Educator

Traditional college instruction is part of a well-established tradition that has remained fairly unchanged over time. Becoming an instructor in this environment has meant conformity to teaching standards that have also remained fairly unchanged. A college professor is associated with someone who is a subject matter expert, likely to achieve a position with tenure, and have dual roles as an instructor and researcher. It is expected that they will be published authors of scholarly journal articles that have been peer-reviewed and contributed knowledge to their field. While this form of education and instructor still exists, there is another academic institution that has also been established and it is an online college and university.

For a modern form of online education you will not likely find any positions that are labeled professor. Most online universities hire adjuncts and many refer to their instructors as facilitators. Some universities expect their instructors to complete annual professional development requirements but rarely does that include publishing peer-reviewed journal articles. What is needed now more than ever is a new category of educator, one who meets the needs of students who participate in this modern form of education. Now is also the time for online universities to embrace this new form of instructors, those who can be called a Modern Educator.

From Traditional to Online Teaching

The traditional format for educating students is the lecture-driven class. The instructor delivers information to students and they must demonstrate what they have learned through various assessments. They know that their instructor or professor is an expert in the particular subject area for their class. This method of instruction is the same style that is used in primary education and it is teacher-centered. As technology has brought new possibilities for the field of education a new format developed – online courses and online degrees. At first traditional educators taught these courses but over time that has changed, especially as adjuncts filled a majority of the instructional roles. Now with online degree programs and online schools having been fully established in the education field, a new type of educator was also emerging.

Evolution to Modern Teaching

With the growth of online learning came the need for hiring a large volume of instructors. Some online universities have classes that begin weekly and others offer courses starting monthly. Hiring adjuncts was the answer and the majority of jobs teaching undergraduate students have been filled by instructors holding a master’s degree in the subject field they were teaching. Over time the number of instructors qualified to teach online has grown substantially and now many adjunct positions require a doctorate degree. What has contributed to the increased pool of available online instructors is the fluctuation in enrollment numbers, the limited number of full-time online instructor positions, and the increase in degree specializations – especially those related to online teaching. There are also many online schools that offer online teaching specializations and those students who complete their master’s degree are added to the pool. It is estimated that at present there are nearly two million adjunct online instructors teaching online courses.

The requirements for teaching online also may include continuing education. Most online universities require some form of annual professional development. Those universities generally offer workshops and training courses as a means of fulfilling this requirement. Publishing scholarly journals can be used to help meet the professional development requirements but most schools do not require it. These modern teachers are also different from a college professor by the manner in which they are allowed to present themselves in the classroom. An online instructor is often called a facilitator and rarely is this position referred to as a professor – although some instructors will refer to themselves as a professor to establish their position in the learning process. Many online universities tell their instructors to use their first name as a means of creating a casual and approachable image – even if the instructor has a doctorate degree.

An Example of a Modern Educator

Within the field of online education there is a significant difference among educator types. There are those with a master’s degree who can teach undergraduate courses and there are those with doctorate degrees who can teach both undergraduate and graduate students. For those schools that offer doctoral degree programs, an expectation for instructors to be published in a manner similar to that of a college professor may still be in place. But there is a need for a new standard. If traditional methods of learning do not apply to online education, then traditional instructor qualifications should also not apply to online educators. Now is the time for a new instructional category, one that is referred to as a Modern Educator.

My work as an educator has evolved from traditional college teaching to that of online teaching and now I have become a Modern Educator. Instead of spending months (or possibly longer) trying to become published in a scholarly journal, I publish online articles. Instead of my work being available only to those who have access to and read scholarly journals, I now have an opportunity to reach a broader audience. My work is available as soon as I write and publish it, and more importantly – I understand how to use social media. I am connected to an international basis of educators, universities, and students through the use of social media.

Through social media it is possible to share ideas and resources, along with online articles, blog posts, and other intellectual contributions. This also applies to transformation of the publishing process. Instead of waiting to find a publisher and go through the traditional publishing route, I have self-published e-books. This has allowed me to become highly engaged in the field of education and it has redefined what it means to be a college instructor. Becoming a Modern Educator indicates what online instructors should be involved with and online schools developing as a requirement for their professional development.

Steps to Becoming a Modern Educator

Whether you have a master’s degree or doctorate degree, if you teach online courses you need professional development. But this should be more than taking a workshop – it needs to involve making an intellectual contribution. In addition, the work of a Modern Educator also needs to be involved in some form of social or professional networking. Here are some steps you can take and strategies you can use to become a Modern Educator.

#1. Write a Blog – This provides a platform to share your expertise and summarize your knowledge. As you continue to conduct research for your areas of professional interest and you can include what you have learned through your blog posts. There are numerous free resources that will allow you to create and share your blog, such as Word Press.

#2. Write Online Articles – Instead of taking the time required to write and submit articles to scholarly journals, which can always be an option for you, find a resource that allows you to publish online articles. The articles you write, which are based upon your knowledge and experience, will allow you to reach a broader audience, refine your writing skills, and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. I utilize Ezine Articles, which is an article marketing database.

#3. Use Social Networking – Every online educator needs to learn how to establish their presence via technology. It only makes sense that if you work in a technology-enabled environment you should also know how to be engaged in online communities. LinkedIn provides a means of professional networking, finding groups that match your interest, and even finding online jobs. Twitter can connect you to an international base of educators, students, and universities – providing a place to share resources.

#4. Develop a Website -If you find that you are highly ambitious and want to develop more than a blog you could also build your own website. This would be a place for you to house resources that you have created, which could be shared with educators and students. There are free webhosting services available and others that charge a small fee.

#5. Write E-Books – The field of publishing has changed and now authors are taking back control by making their books available in an e-book format. Kindle and Nook devices are the most popular devices. Kobo is another device that is gaining popularity because it can be used on mobile devices such as Blackberry. You will likely need to hire someone to format the book, sign up for an account to distribute your e-book, and once it is ready you can have it available in a relatively short amount of time.

Maintaining a Modern Educator Status

A Modern Educator is someone who does more than teach online classes. They are active in the field of education and their chosen subject matter. They know how to teach using technological tools and engage in a virtual community of other educators through social media. The Modern Educator is also conducting research and making intellectual contributions through technological means. The work they publish is done through technologically-enabled resources and made immediately available for their intended audience. They know how to use social media to promote their work and share resources with other educators and students.

It is time now for the Modern Educator mentality to become the standard for online learning. Instruction has adapted in format from traditional to online, and so too must the instructor. It is also important that online schools and hiring specialists recognize the new Modern Educator. This is someone who has likely taught for several institutions because of fluctuating enrollments and staff changes; however, what matters most is their ongoing professional development and intellectual contributions. The most desirable candidate for an online teaching position is someone with more than extensive work as an online educator. It is someone who can also utilize technological tools as a means of publishing their work and connecting with other educators. A Modern Educator is the new college professor and the one most prepared for teaching through the use of technology.

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Online Directory for Park in Queens

Parks and outdoor facilities can give so many benefits to urban people and among them is helping them to stay healthy. Most urban people are spending most of their days indoor with hours of working or at school and even they are living in apartment unit with limited access to open space. Combined with bad lifestyle including lack of exercise, bad diet, and exposure to pollution, it makes people living in a big city more vulnerable to health risks like obesity, lack of body immunity, and other health conditions.

Spending time on the parks is a great way to relax on open space and you will be encouraged to do physical activities from walking down the park, playing with kids or dogs, and doing various other possible outdoor activities. Being in the park also allows you to breathe fresh and healthier air and it could help reduce stress. That’s why a healthy city should have plenty of parks and outdoor facilities to accommodate its citizen and New York City, despite its reputation, has hundreds of public parks and outdoor activities including plenty of Park in Queens. From the famous Central Park to small neighborhood parks, there are so many options to go outside and have fun.

According to NYC Department of Parks & Recreation there are more than 350 parks throughout Queens, NY. Not all of them are outdoor open space with green grass and trees but also including outdoor sports fields and tracks, recreation centers, waterfront area, and many more. If you are living in this area and looking for a park or outdoor facility to meet you need, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s website is a good place to start. Another great source for guideline is the EMU Health’s website.

EMU Health is an ambulatory surgical center based in Queens and it is committed to help promoting and maintaining health of the communities in Queens. The health professionals at this health center know the health benefit of parks to the community and that’s the reason the website offers online directory and guideline for Park in Queens. This online directory can help narrowing down the park based on the location or neighborhood and its type, ranging from community park, nature park, playground, and many more. You can also easily narrow down the park for the specific facility you need, such as dog friendly park, basketball court, water activities, to even WiFi hotspots. There’s no more reason to confine yourself indoor. Let’s go out and have some fun.

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Gurin Rain Shower Head: The Best Shower for Your Bathroom

Showering will be a fun activity to do when you are bathing. You need to install the best shower head in your bathroom. A high-pressure spa shower head will complete your showering activity in your luxurious bathroom. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality chrome material. The angle is adjusted with the silicon nozzle by Gurin Rain Shower Head.

Great Quality for the Comfort

If you want to find the best shower head, you need to choose Gurin Rain shower head in which it got 4.8 of 5 stars. The price of this shower head is paid at $ 24.95. It is relatively low if it is compared to its quality. The quality of this shower head is a top rate where it lasts longer and spread water strongly. It is giving the highest comfort during bathing and showering in the bathroom.

Cozy Shower Head

Another reason for buying Gurin Rain Shower Head is its coziness. It is very luxurious by serving the high spa-quality in your bathroom comfort. A big shower head is producing the water flow optimizing in the full rain spray of this showerhead. It is revitalizing your skin and making you comfortable during bathing.

Cleaning High Pressure

A luxury design using an anti blockage silicon jet is supporting and pressing the water flow quickly and more efficiently. The water drop is helping you to clean soap, shampoo, and conditioner with little effort and no skin irritation effects. Of course, it is very helpful to benefit from showering and bathing.

Fast and More Efficient

The last reason why you should choose this shower head is due to its effectiveness and fastness. It is anti-clogging and easy to clean dirt on your body. It is great to spread the water smoothly because it has 90 anti-clogging silicon nozzles offering a consistent condition so that you can focus more on cleaning the dirt. It is also fast and angles able so that you can install the showerhead easily. This showerhead is possibly turning left and right. It is easily installed up and down to help you clean your hair and body easily. It is friendly used by your kids after playing outside. This rain shower head has a maximum outside power reaching 2.5 GPM so that you can save your water bill. It is quickly installed in your bathroom if you require it to assist your bathing. It is working efficiently and effectively.

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